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Innerlight Yoga

To bring more light in to your life


Yoga is a way to turn your focus from the outside world to your inside world

By mastering your mind, breath and body your might allow the true expression of the essential self to shine through

Yoga is about letting go your ego and the moment you let this ego go, your innerlight will start shining

It’s not about hitting the perfect pose or looking like you imagine how yoga is supposed to look like, it’s more about finding the balance between not being too hard on yourself but also not being too proud about yourself. All bodies are different so yoga can look very different on the outside but still might look the same on the inside

Yoga might bring you flexibility, strength and balance but not only in your body and on your mat, maybe it might bring you more flexibility, strength and balance in your thoughts, emotions and simply in your life

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Jil Garabedian

My name is Jil. I’m a yoga teacher (200h yoga alliance) and a psychologist (M.Sc.). I used to dance since I was 10 years old. So I discovered what the body is able to do or not to do. I saw that there are individual limitations that our bones, our joints simply our body is giving us. And I experience what a wonderful feeling can emerge from moving the body, how you can meet your inside world by closing your eyes and simply feeling inside your body, how you can process through emotions by moving your body, how something deeply inside you can be touch by feeling the music and moving your body to the music when dancing.

I studied psychology to understand how the psyche of us human is working. Why are we who we are? Why do we think the way we think? Why we act the way we act? And why is it so hard to change it? These were questions I was faced while studying psychology. And then I came to the point to understand the psyche of us humans, our emotions, our brain and our physical body, but still I felt there is something missing. Everything I learned studying was not deep enough for me. Because I understood that we are not our emotions, we have them, we are not our body we have one, we are not our mind, we have one, we are not our psyche, we have one. But who are we then deep down?

For me Yoga was my way of going inwards and finding my answers there and I constantly continue finding new ones. I don’t say it’s the solution; it’s simply one way to turn your attention from outside to inside. But what I know is that the answer to any problem or any question lies always inside of us, we sometimes just need a tool to find this way inside to us. How this tool looks like or if we even need one is very individual. So I’m very happy to teach yoga and to see other people connecting deeply within themselfs and finding their innerlights.

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